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Little Giant Ladders: Type 1A (free shipping & work platform), 480x60
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The pleasure of doing things right.  Nursing a project from the original concept all the way through to final completion.  Nothing beats that process for a true feeling of satisfaction.

We’ll leave the arguments about the reasons for the state of the economy to the politicos. In the mean (and lean) time, we all know that times are tough.  But, while everyone else is cinching up their financial belts, curling up in fetal positions, and hoping for the best, we’re here ready to lay it all out on the line.

You see, we think that if you can build something with your own hands, for a lot less money than you’d pay in a store or online, that that makes a heap of sense?  And that proposition is even more exciting if you’ve got someone there to show you exactly how to complete a project in a timely fashion.

If you’d like to learn the insider tricks of the trade, so that you can do home projects quickly and efficiently, then this site is created just for you.

You’ll find step-by-step instructional videos, which we invite you to view for free – because we really want you to learn how to be handy (and hopefully be entertained in the process).

Download detailed plans that include material and tool lists for free – because if you’re going to take a trip to a place you’ve never been before, you gotta have a roadmap.

And best of all, you’ll learn the secrets to making home projects successful, all by yourself.

If you can spare 20 minutes per episode, we’ll give you the complete scoop for each individual project.  With what you’ll learn on these pages, you’ll amaze your spouse.  You’ll make your friends envious.  And best of all, you’ll show the world that there’s nothing you can’t do.

Remember … we’re all in this together.

So make yourself comfortable.  Your adventure in self-sufficiency is just about to begin.

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